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Surface-data making with CAD has made itself indispensable to the product design process and Envision has the advantage of its own in-house CAD modeling team, working directly with designers for maximum speed and efficiency in creating high quality 3D surface data.

Depending on the scope of each project, 3D digital modeling can be based on anything from a rough sketch through to digital measurements taken from a physical model. From the resulting CAD data further design checks are made with simple mockups, realistic design models or elaborate prototypes including all the features of the final product.

Envision works in various data formats and can output data suitable for photo-realistic 2D renderings, 3D animation and presentation prototypes.

Combined with 3D printing, including our own printer, we can immediately confirm the usability, volumes and overall appearance of each design quickly and with a confidence that is not possible working only in 2D.

Finally, after the digital modeling and prototype stages are complete, our experienced designers can follow the project to the trial manufacturing stage, ensuring a smooth transition from concept to the final product.

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