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Bicycle Stats

After seeing my Bicycles & Delivery Services post from last year, the Bicycle Guider blog has contacted us with a link to their latest Bike Statistics & Facts For 2019 feature.

Their statistics are mostly relevant to two-wheel cycling but there are a few that connect directly with the STROKE Cargo Trike project.

Most people buy a cargo bike because they want to carry stuff, or babies, but using one instead of the car has both physical and mental health benefits. Look how happy people are after riding the STROKE Trike at Eurobike!


(Quotes in italics are from Bicycle Guider.)

  • “Cycling health benefits greatly outweigh the risks! By cycling instead of driving a car, you can prolong your life by 3-14 months, whereas increased inhaling of air pollution and increased risk of accident only diminish your life span by a maximum of 49 days.
  • Cyclists breathe in about 60% less air pollution than motorists. Even though cyclists breather two to three times more, they breathe in less pollutants.
  • A study from 2006 shows that cyclists are exposed to fewer pollutants than even taxi and bus passengers.”


  • “Adults who ride a bike regularly suffer from fewer age-related health issues.
  • Cycling regularly can reduce the rate of all-cause mortality by 10%.
  • Cycling is associated with a decreased risk of type II diabetes. The elderly people benefit the most, experiencing a 20% reduction in the risk of developing this health condition.
  • According to a report, the city of Portland, Oregon saves $115 million a year in healthcare costs thanks to benefits from cycling.”

not to mention

  • “On average, cyclists take 15% less sick days than those who are not active
  • Data shows that the health benefits achieved through Barcelona’s bike sharing program outweigh the risks 77:1.”

besides which

  • “A study in England concluded that the average cyclist has a fitness of someone 10 years younger and two-year higher life expectancy compared to the average.
  • Apart from physical benefits, cycling also improves the mental well-being. A study from England shows that cycling improves self-confidence and tolerance to stress, while reducing sleep issues and tiredness.
  • On average, people exercise longer when they are outside than in a gym.
  • A research in Ireland shows that 80% of participants with osteoarthritis experienced relief after they started cycling regularly.
  • Countries with the highest rates of cycling and walking have the lowest rates of obesity.
  • Riding a bike between 30-60 minutes a day is associated with lower blood pressure numbers in both men and women.

So, instead of using your car or public transport for short to medium distance trips with stuff to carry, by using a cargo bike you can live longer and have a healthier heart and lungs, eat more of the food you like and spend less time at the doctor’s, keep your mind sound, your bones stronger and be slimmer with lower blood pressure! (…although the first two Bicycle Guider bullet points seem to contradict each other.)

And it’s not just the short term health of cargo bike riders that benefits. So does the long term health of the planet:


  • “Copenhagen’s love of cycling prevents 90 thousand tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.”

According to the statistics in my Bicycles & Delivery Services post, if just 10% of Japan’s deliveries were made by cargo bike it would save more than 20 thousand tons of CO2 per year. Add 10% of private cargo trips and the savings could be enormous.

So, how can we encourage cargo bike use in Japan?

Just make cargo bikes available in Japan, for a start:

“Why Cyclists Don’t Ride More?

…I couldn’t carry the things I need (cargo or kids)”

And build proper bike lanes:

“A US study showed that a 1% increase in the length of bike lanes leads to a 0.31% increase of people who ride their bikes to work. Thus, more bike lanes means more bike commuters.”

N.B. a bike lane is not just a painted graphic on the road:


Last but far from least, the Cargo Trike is electrically assisted:

Why have electric power?

  • “According to Portland State University, the majority of riders buy e-bikes to increase their range and speed. The second most common reason is to ride more easily on hills.
  • E-bike sales have surpassed sales of regular bicycles in the Netherlands. Between 2017 and 2018, the e-bike market grew by 9%.
  • A study in Norway showed that people who obtained an e-bike increased their cycling trips from 28% to 48%.”

Ride more, get up hills easier… more reason than ever not to use the car for cargo trips.

There are a ton more bicycle stats in the feature, so please give it a look here.


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