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Old is New

Doing some brand research for agricultural equipment I found this.

It’s not a “concept” or one-off; it’s a real tractor called the Intrac, made and marketed by Deutz (now Deutz-Fahr) from the early 1970s until 1990, a vision of the future from the past.

Picture: www.isthat.info

Information about it on the internet in English seems scarce – I had to Google Translate from German to find out more about it. The running gear is the same as a conventional tractor, with the engine at the front driving the rear wheels or with 4WD.

Picture: http://www.deutzforum.de/index.php?thread/35551-restauration-intrac-2003-a/

The big difference is the placement of the cab over the engine, giving an ideal sight-line for working but slightly compromising the view of implements attached to the rear three-point hitch.

Picture: http://heavycherry.com/machineinfo/deutz_fahr/-intrac-1975-agricultural_vehicle-tractor.html

The space behind the cab could also be used for load carrying but, of course, that would make the rear view worse than ever.

Picture: https://paulbee.picturepush.com/album/373413/14778389/2015-trekkers/Deutz-Intrac-2004-1982-Bord….html

Although the Intrac is new to me, it seems there are still many of them still working but not so many for sale, so their owners seem to like them.

Picture: http://www.deutzforum.de/index.php?thread/35551-restauration-intrac-2003-a/

German Wikipedia says that Deutz-Fahr discontinued the Intrac because of its high cost. Contemporary tractors need to comply with very strict anti-pollution laws which make their engine and cooling packages huge. The compact, slanted, air-cooled engine above would be out of the question today; it would be necessary to invest in a one-off engine package for the Intrac, which would be prohibitively costly.

As with passenger cars, legislation is there to keep us safer and healthier and manufacturing efficiency brings costs down, but they can both also put a brake on innovation. Conformity is the easy way out and innovation mostly takes place out of sight.


Wikipedia: Deutz INTRAC article translated from German

Deutz Forum: Intrac restoration post translated from German

Diesel Army: “Deutz,: The History Of Big Diesel Engines”


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