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Envision Website’s Up, In English Too…

Hello All,

Had a look at the Envision website recently? It was all new, vastly improved and completely different from last year since January… but then went through a difficult adolescence before settling down.

First problem: getting it truly bilingual in Japanese and English. It was first published in Japanese only and getting the parallel English text up and running has been painful, particularly for me, to whom the translation job inevitably gets delegated. For a start, Japanese is so different from English, not just the words but the whole construction, to the extent that even the most direct translation changes the nuances of the original.

On top of that, my understanding of spoken Japanese is good, I suppose, but very far from perfect; my understanding of written Japanese is flaky at best. Combine that with my written English skills, which are OK when I am writing straight from my heart but silt up rapidly when I have to analyze the meaning and composition of each sentence, and the result can get pretty creaky.

Not to mention the fact that Japanese websites tend to have the Wordy Rappinghood* much worse than English ones, so everything gets a bit rhetorical.

Second problem: The studio tour on the website showed too much in its first version. All the products on show have been released onto the market so are not covered by confidentiality contracts. However, the anime characters and so on used on the pachinko machines are, of course, copyrighted. This would not be such a problem except that all our web outlets – Envision website, Facebook, Twitter etc. – are considered as advertising. That means that everything we show counts as promotion, for which we need the permission of the copyright holder. It was easier for us to just cover them up and republish the website.

Third, and unresolved, problem: getting my fellow director Mitsuro Kawaguchi (who reminds me of the old sailor whom A.A. Milne’s grandfather knew, Who had so many things which he wanted to do That, whenever he thought it was time to begin, He couldn’t because of the state he was in) to write anything for the website.

We’re working on it.

PS: When you go to the website you will first get a brief, over-speed YouTube movie while the site loads up. When that clears, the IMPACT OF THE FUTURE page appears. Click on the En tab at the top right, then you can scroll through the website, backwards and forwards, or click on the links on the left to go straight to content.

The movie is randomly different each time, so reload the site if you want to see another one. If you have many tabs open on your browser sometimes the movie freezes at the end. In that case, try opening a new browser window.

Click on these icons to see the written stuff:


Right at the end our company philosophy appears. Unfortunately it does not appear on full screen browsers on large displays. In that case, reduce the window and scroll again or click on the link.

Last of all, the main site is not available on mobile devices. On those, the www.e-v.jp address links straight back here to our blogsite.

*…used without, ahem, permission from Tom Tom Club or whoever the copyright holder is.

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