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One Device To Rule Them All

Are my evil dreams of device domination about to bear fruit? Maybe not, but all extremities crossed, eh?

Today I posted on Facebook to say that I am “kinda pumped” about yesterday’s Windows 10 announcement. I hoped for two things from Windows 8:
1. That it would lead to the need for just one smart device to replace smartphones, tablets and PCs.
2. That DoCoMo would release a Windows 8 phone in Japan (as they originally announced they would) so that I could get in on the ground floor.
(Well, three things, actually: 3. That Windows 8 would be better than Windows 7.)

None of those happened and I am still using Windows 7 on my PC and Android on my phone. This, despite the fact that I have been hoping that One (Smart) Device to Rule Them (Dumb Ones) All for more than 10 years.

Here are some of the pages from a presentation I put together in 2006, pushing what I called a SuperSmartPhone. I couldn’t convince my boss that we should take it to device makers – his opinion was that neither hardware nor software were even close to capable of achieving what I wanted. To me that was the whole point: whichever company was going to do this would have to start the R&D immediately and lead the OS supplier by the nose.

That was the theme of the first slide, that a combined hardware and software breakthrough was necessary (most of the products need no introduction but kimono-clad Miss 1978 is standing with the first Japanese word-processor, which revolutionized written communication in Japanese).


The following slides show the respective strengths (yellow) and weaknesses (violet) of PCs and Smartphones – remember, these are 2006 products and specs, the iPhone was not released until June 2007 and tablets were still seen as a non-starter.




This next slide shows the nearest thing available at the time, by way of saying that it is not even close to what I was looking for.


I guess I showed the work in progress to my boss at this stage and that is where it stopped. What I planned to show was how the system would work day-to-day – something like this:


Or in the case of mobile use:


“…but who needs One Device to Rule Them All? We have the cloud… and syncing!!” Er, no thanks. The cloud has been shown multiple times to be chronically non-secure, besides the need for a constantly available secure broadband connection, and syncing is just a pain, plain and simple.

Dream on, Harry.

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