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Welcome to the new Envision blogsite.

Welcome to the new Envision blogsite. For now I will be the only one blogging in English but if you click around and see anything in the other posts that looks interesting, contact me by e-mail or on Facebook or Twitter to ask what’s going on. I will do my best to decipher.

The name of this page is “envision_inc. | – Life Changing Design –“ …a tad ambitious, I’ll grant you, but if you are designing I don’t think there is much point in aiming for anything less.

What is the point of a new product if the user, seller or maker are the same after it exists as they were before? Designing it, engineering it and producing it would be completely futile.

But Life Changing Design aims for something more than just changing the here and now. We want to design products that either leave you dissatisfied with what came before, give you a feeling that something is missing when you don’t have them with you and/or brighten up your day every time you see or use them.

The world is changing around us faster than ever before and even changing the meaning of products and product design. To achieve Life Changing Design, we must stay ahead of these changes or, better still, cause some of them ourselves.

Please come back here occasionally to see what we are up to.

Last of all, we have got this blogsite up just in time for me to wish you a Very Happy Christmas from everyone at Envision.

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